“Addiction Treatment is Very Lucrative” says Pax Prentiss of Passages Mailbu

Passages Malibu the “Addiction” Marketing Empire

Pax Prentiss with his tanned Marketing partner and Dad Chris Prentiss are making a killing on the pseudo treatment of addictions, ruining lives and bankrupting families, with their high cost scam. With no qualification in addiction or no medical background, the Prentiss empire has made an estimated $50 million in books, room stays and appearances, based on their claims of curing addiction. Pax Prentiss net worth was $15 Million in 2013.


Chris Prentiss is a failed filmmaker and ex-con
. Pax Prentiss confesses he was a heroin, cocaine addict
who found a cure for addiction with his Dad Chris who is a real estate marketing salesman and ex-conman. Pax Prentiss has issued Press Releases about his sobriety date to promote their “treatment” center. His press releases stated his 14 year continued sobriety and his gratitude to his father and “Passages”.

Their $85,000 a month treatment facilities in Malibu and in Ventura and new out patient facility on Abbot Kinney,  are regarded as lavish and upscale resorts that cater to the rich and famous. A place to get sober with the Stars of Hollywood, like Mel Gibson. These stars enter a lavish environment rather than go to recovery groups. Mel Gibson was sober for many years through his very strict religious group, until his meltdown. Spa treatments, relaxation therapy, pools and gardens, these estates cater to a very high end clientele indeed, yet they market their services to all.


This is not about treatment it is a marketing company, they are snake oil salesman who live in a make believe world of their own delusional fantasies.  They prey on the misery and pain of families dealing with addiction and offer a “Cure” . They are making lots of money lots of money feeding on peoples lack of understanding of addictions . All the private chefs, and great views in their $32 million base camp, hide the fact that they are a media and marketing company only. There are no facts, scientific or otherwise to corroborate anything that is said by the Passages Media. Chris Prentiss has stated he can heal addiction by laying his hands on people. Why then would they need to charge $80,000 for a month?

10 Facts About Passages Malibu Founders

  1. Pax Prentiss was never a heroin or cocaine addict. He may have dabbled in the drugs and alcohol as a youth, he may still take prescription drugs but he was never an addict to the extremes that he stated on CNN and other News programs He is a frontman for his fathers unfounded claims. Does “Million Little pieces” ring a bell?
  2. Pax Prentiss has stated he was raped at the age of six, there was never any investigation of this or further follow up. This was done to have a new client re-mortgage their house to stay and be cured of emotional turmoil.
  3. The Prentiss Media empire invest hundreds of thousand a month in propaganda and media promotions. Their marketing try to stop bad PR online with and marketing team that remove unfavorable information online. They have their own Youtube channel to promote their treatment in a serial format.
  4. Chris Prentiss – The Father – is a recovering addict and conman, as he has admitted to his own addiction and shady past on internet recovery radio show.
  5. Chris Prentiss is a failed filmmaker and ex con.
  6. They claimed to have a 80% success rate with no evidence of this.
  7. Their “treatment” is based on a mix of herbal and western New Age teachings such things as Adventure therapy, nutrition therapy, and lectures by Chris Prentiss about I-Ching. There is no medical treatment given unless needed. As they have no medial degrees they need Drs. to prescribe for Clients.
  8. They cannot legally use the term “patients”. The term “Clients” is used to ensure they do not need any formally trained counselors, or medical staff on hand. They employ masseuses, chefs and “mystics” instead.
  9. Chris Prentiss believes the I-Ching is “the greatest book ever written,” that “it tells the future with 100 percent accuracy.
  10. Chris Prentiss publishes under a moniker Wu Wei — titles like I Ching Wisdom and I Ching Life. All his books are under his own imprint, Power Press.

adventure-therapyClients die because because of relapse.

Here are a few cases:

After spending a quarter of a million dollars at Passages, Jeannie now realizes, “There is no cure, I know that now. So I don’t get what they’re saying.” Passages Releases its clients with a clean bill of health or will assign a Personal counselor to you at the cost of $60,000 per month to help keep you sober. This does not show that they have a cure in any form. Many ex-clients that have relapsed talk about the facility as a luxury resort, but nothing more. “There was no substance behind it,  no help, everything just had “therapy” added to it. Sleep was “Sleep Therapy”, Eating was “Nutrition Therapy” etc. You kind of just get waited on and enjoy the stay barring Chris and his crap, but I still relapsed they day after I left” said an ex client. “There was a graduation ceremony and then a few of us got together and smoked crack”.

After the intervention, Dad checked into Passages on February 24, 2008. He was released with a clean bill of (physical and mental) health on March 28, 2008. He drank the day he got home.

An Ex-Passages Medical Director Refuted Prentiss Marketing

“Chris Prentiss is not qualified to be talking like that,  I will tell you one thing about Chris Prentiss,he is the consummate Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus-barker showman.”

Dr. Hamlin Emory.

Dr. Emory, despite being a man of science, concludes, “The principles of the 12-step program are superb. They’re excellent.”

If you know someone who has addition issues, please Contact your Dr., reach out to a local 12 step group or talk to a qualified therapist.