Cannabis Investor

The biggest growth industry today is the Cannabis Industry.

The cannabis industry is set to be a $100 Billion industry by 2020 if the projected growth is on target, some think this is an under estimate. Investing in the cannabis industry has major risks, both at the Federal and State level, but as more states open the doors to legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use, it wont be long until the green rush is in full swing.

Medial Marijuana

Marijuana has been given a bad rap, the image of musicians and teens smoking with eating is now a thing of the past. The growing use of Medical Marijuana is well documented by cancer patients, for treatments of pain management and now for a growing number of mental health issues including depression and PTSD.

Medical Marijuana is a far cry from the current pharmaceuticals like Vicodin, Oxy-cotin and Norcos that are creating an epidemic of addiction to opiates and heroin – just look at the real statistics.

Cannabis Investor

Investors are looking for new and innovative companies in this space. The CannabisĀ investors are looking to invest inĀ companies in this growing arena. Accredited Investors have hope in states like Colorado and California where there are a number of start-ups that deal with the Medical Marijuana cultivation, production and ancillary products such as inhalers, vaporizers, dispensaries and real estate.

cannabis marijuna investor

Cannabis Investor is a website that helps Accredited Investors to get information on these companies and to introduce investors to a new range of services and products.

Cannabis Investor also helps companies by marketing them through their financial network to help start ups in the marijuana business raise capital through SPVs, Crowdfunding and private placement deals.