FAANG Stocks

FAANG Stocks Bite Investors Back

Investors in FAANG Stocks have had as a bad a week as Uber and that is saying something.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google have taken a hit and wiped over $100 Billion off the board. Investors in these stocks have felt little pain in their investments until recently. Now it looks like volatility is hitting every part of the investment arena.

OTC Investors and Small Cap Markets are taking a little breather as their stocks index has been steady so far this year.

The growth of these companies over the past few years has been unprecedented, but it now looks like the tech darlings may be heading into a free fall as slowing economy and more concerns in political landscape including a looming Fed Rate hike may have more investors leave the table while they have good returns.

The FAANG stocks are:

• Facebook Inc. FB, -0.78% was down 3.3% on Friday after returning 30% in 2017 through Thursday.

• Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, -1.37% was down 3.2% Friday after returning 30% in 2017.

• Apple Inc. AAPL, -2.39%  was down 3.9% Friday after returning 30% in 2017.

• Netflix Inc. NFLX, -4.17% was down 4.7% Friday after returning 28% in 2017.

• Alphabet Inc., which owns Google. The company’s Class A GOOGL, -0.86%  shares dropped 3.4% Friday after returning 22% in 2017. Class C GOOG, -0.73%  shares declined 3.4% Friday after returning 23% in 2017.

FAANG Stocks Quick Rebound

As the stock goes down many new investors will jump in at low levels. This will help the volume and drive the price up quickly over the next week. This could be the last buckets being bailed out from a sinking ships, its a nice thought but eventually the water rises too quick.