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Santa Monica, CA-  FanDom Sports Media announces UFC coach Edmond Bilbasoo to their Advisory Board.

FanDom Sports Media (OTCQB: FDMSF), an aggregator, curator and producer of unique fan-focused content, today announced the appointment of UFC coach Edmond Bilbasoo to their Advisory Board. Edmond Bilbasoo appointment expands the Advisory Board which also includes MLB All Star team member and World Series Ring winner Royce Clayton.

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FanDom Sports Media is planning on launching their new FanDom Sports App in October to coincide with the MLB playoffs and the beginning of the NFL Season.

The FanDom App brings together interactive debate features and “off the field” content that all sports fans – from hard core sports fanatics, part-time gamers, and sports lifestyle enthusiasts.

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“Edmond Bilbasoo is a legend in the UFC world, we are excited to have him as part of our Advisory board and know that his experience and his knowledge will help propel our Brand name further.”
Blair Naughty C.E.O. Fandom Sports Media


FanDom Sports Media recently changed their name from Hatch Interactive Technologies and launched on the OCTQB under the symbol $FDMSF

fanDom investEdmond Bilbasoo UFC Coach

Edmond Bilbasoo is a lifelong Martial Arts trainer and fighter with an extensive Muay Thai background. He has worked with numerous professional and amateur fighters in Muay Thai. Bilbasoo is also a well-recognized striking coach for UFC fighters, including Urijah Faber, Tyron Woodley and Paige Van Zant. In 2015, Bilbasoo appeared on national TV as the Muay Thai trainer for Urijah Faber’s team against Conor McGregor in the sports reality show The Ultimate Fighting Champion for the Fox Sports Network.

Royce Clayton MLB ALL Star

Royce Clayton is a sports agent and brand ambassador for various companies. Mr. Clayton was a major league baseball player for 17 years. He was selected to the MLB All Star team and has won a World Series ring. Upon retirement, Royce set up MUSIQ Locker, along with Snoop Dogg & LL Cool J. MUSIQ Locker signed an exclusive deal with the MLB Players Association to produce custom walk-up songs for every interested major leaguer. Royce’s company recently produced songs for Chris Carter and Jimmy Rollins, and has tunes for David Ortiz and other MLB stars.


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