Get in the Game With FanDom Sports Media

The FanDom Sports App is a mobile application that will revolutionize how sports fans connect. The App will allow fans to interact, debate and argue on selected sports topics in a structured way, as well as test their knowledge of sports trivia – all the while being rewarded for their participation. Fans will also have access to a host of professional athletes, through “off the field” branded and custom content on the App as well as in person at our sponsored events.

The Sports Industry is a multibillion-dollar business and Fandom Sports has devised a way to monetize the final frontier.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The Company has identified multiple revenue streams, from the selling of Ad space, Sponsorship (both local & national) and in app purchases within the FanDom Sports App. The app was also built as a widget, to enable the company to white labeltheir back end Argument Engine™ to sports teams to implement in their apps to promote more “stickiness” within their current offerings, thereby increasing their marketing revenue.


We live in an age when everyone wants and demands a voice. They want their opinion to be broadcasted and heard- we are giving the public their platform.


Experienced Leadership

Fandom Sports Media leadership have a led successful companies and innovations in Media, Gaming, Technology, App Development and more.

Fandom has a board of advisors includes World Series Baseball Ring holder Royce Clayton, UFC coach Edmond Bilbasoo, Girly Locker room host Jackie James and more.