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FanDom Sports Media to Announce Major Addition To Advisory Board

FanDom Sports Media Has Been Gaining Momentum and Attention

Major Announcement Coming!

757z468_fandom-composite-imageFanDom Sports Media has quietly secured the admiration and respect from the creator of the most successful game apps ever. While talks are continuing the company expects to announce this major player in app development will join as an advisor over the coming weeks.

FanDom Sports Media has a built a strong team with management and advisors who are a passionate about Sports FanDom. Last week the company announced Legendary UFC Personality Don Frye would join Fandom Sports with a twice weekly show interacting with fans on the Sports FanDom App.

These major coups will help make the FanDom Sports app one of the most revolutionary sports app of all time. With a host of major celebrities, hall of fame athletes and expert marketing team in the background, FanDom Sports is set to explode upon its launch.


What is FanDom Sports App?

A new exciting fandom sports app, which has been described by Fandom Sport Media CEO Blair Naughty as a “Sportsbar in the palm of your hand” is set to have a soft launch in the last week of September.

The sports app is set to become one of the most popular social networking platforms where sports fans can discuss, argue, and cheer for their favorite team. It will also give players a chance to interact with fans and celebrate winning or to defend their performance.

The sports app, which will target 75 million sports fans is a perfect investment for those that love sports and for those looking to be a part of an exciting new app that will take the world by storm. Revenue will be generated through advertising, licensing partnerships with major sports brands, and sponsorship deals.

Hockey Stick Projections

FanDom Sports Media has a management team with all the requisite skills and experience to execute on their strategy and make FanDom a major player in the sports entertainment industry. The board of directors has a mix of strengths and experience in both the public markets and the tech sector. The board is decorated with awards and achievements from past apps and games they have been involved with.

The Company has identified multiple revenue streams, from the selling of Adspace, Sponsorship (both local & national) and in-app purchases within the FanDom Sports App. The app was also built as a widget, to enable the company to “white label’ their back end Argument Engine ™ to sports teams to implement in their apps to promote more “stickiness” within their current offerings, thereby increasing their marketing revenue. This can easily bring in 300%-500% gains after launch.

We live in an age when everyone wants and demands a voice. They want their opinion to be broadcast and heard- we are giving the public their platform.