Could Hillary Clinton have been responsible for Pentagon Security Breach

Hillary Clinton has now come on record saying through her legal defense that her private email server which may have contained classified or even top secret information has been wiped clean.

Mrs. Clinton could have, by her actions endangered National Security and Pentagon. This is not  only about the lives of the 4 service men killed in Benghazi, this is also about her lack of thought to the security of the United States.

Email Malware Security Threat

When you leave your email open to messages on Yoga, Bridesmaids dresses mixed with Top Secret and Classified information you create a security threat.

If Mrs. Clinton opened an email that contained malware which is very possible and then sent or logged into her account from the within the Pentagon, Whitehouse or any other Secure location she inadvertently could have infected their systems with the malware and spyware. This can make it easy for hackers to get access to files with in the Pentagon and any other agency that she emailed or connected with too.

For the former Secretary of State and a Whitehouse Veteran this inexcusable as was her callous and improper jokes about Wiping a server with a cloth when this is about the lives of 4 service men. The email investigation by Trey Gowdy who has requested many times to receive access is not about Yoga, it is about Mrs. Clintons involvement in the death of 4 US Service men in Benghazi. Would Mrs. Clinton make jokes about 9/11?

In recent months escalating attacks on IRS, Pentagon and OMP have proved that somewhere there are many people not securing their email in places that should be secure . Mrs. Clinton is one of them and with her access to our Countries secrets mixed with Wedding cake photos, one can hope that the People of America understand that the Secretary of State owes more than her continuing “Republican Attack Rhetoric”. Mrs. Clinton has shown again that she feels no remorse or takes not responsibility for her actions.

The Clintons have had many scandals and we remember the Monica Lewinski scandal more than the scandals of White Water and investigations into the Clintons campaign funding and ties to drug runners, murders and the many of their political friends who are now serving time in federal prison.

Several Blackberries used by her staff have also been destroyed or are missing. How can the Security of America be so unsecure. Most small companies log the devise they hand out, but our National Security Administration cannot even track the equipment they hand out, but they will tell us that they have the most secure structure in the world.

Clinton Let Cyber Attackers Know Top Secret Information

Mrs. Clintons actions do not add up to being just not up on technology, she had a server admin who cleaned the drive, he surely must have said to the former First Lady “ this may cause issues down the line”. She has taken no accountability for the serious issues she has caused and her advisors are now spinning stories and lies to help her.

Before we get too caught up on the New Kardashians, Caitlyn and football season , take a few hours to look at this mess, to understand that her actions could lead to another 9/11. She has no proof now that she did not have malware on her machine, she has no proof that her emails did not infect President Obamas email, the Pentagon and the Security of America