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Hollywood Remakes, Reboots, Rehash, Sequels Prequels

Hollywood is always accused of not having original ideas for movies, but why should they when they can reboot movie franchises every 5 years. Hollywood is an industry and a business, of course they will try to make money and build profits, there is nothing wrong with that. Each film made employs many workers, electricians, extras, graphic designers, carpenters so keep making movies, keep building jobs and keep entertaining.

The formulas are simple, take a idea that’s already successful, add CGI and some gritty scenes and then package to the masses. Billion dollar franchises are at stake as DC Comics, Warner and Disney / Marvel / Lucasfilms try to get a new generation to watch the movies, buy the games, and purchase the new “Millennium Falcon” and action figures at the Toy Stores.

Found Footage Movies

The “found footage” era has passed, “Area 51” being a final nail in that coffin, “Blair Witch Project” started that craze and with few exceptions, “Cloverfield” and “Chronicle” the rest are in the realms of same old story, “Paranormal Activity” ceased to be shocking after the first attempt. The “Ouija Experiment” failed. We can no longer take Hollywoods small print “Based on Real Events”, after “The Conjuring” we should sue for misrepresentation.

Original Cast Cameos

Not all reboots are bad, sometimes the original movie budget or the year in which released makes sense. A formula of bringing the original cast members in as a cameo is used to show the appreciation for the original version. Star Trek has Leonard Nimoy and the new Star Wars has Harrison Ford and Chewbacca.

Mad Max just released with Charlize Theron as the action heroine and this will do great at Box office, Mel Gibson must be proud that his low budget movie which had a $400,000 budget in 1979 has been given the mega Hollywood makeover, “Beyond the Thunderdome” was a Hollywood movie but lets forget that . Mad Max was a massive worldwide success in 1979 despite the low budget and unknown actor being cast in the lead.


Poltergeist, Steve Spielberg is a master at film making, writing and helped write the 1982 version that yielded the catchphrase “There Here!”. This Screenplay was based off a Twilight Zone episode in the 60s and updated with great love and affection. The movie was chilling and dark and the the cast was amazing with the “ Medium” Zelda Rubinstein chilling your spine with every sentence.

A remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was not needed, leave that where it belongs along with “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. These black and white films are classics and should never have been remade. “Planet of the Apes” the new reboots are better than Tim Burtons stomach churning version in 2001. “War of the Worlds” the Tom Cruise remake was big and bad, huge explosions and action, but failed to have any to the heart that was in the original version, the Orson Wells radio broadcast of the book is far more scary.

Spiderman is being rebooted again reboot already after the “Amazing Spiderman” seemed to be not so amazing. Toby Maguire did a great trifecta but the lasted incarnation was haphazard and left you feeling almost numb and almost embarrassed for the cast.

Wonder Woman, who doesn’t want a reboot of this classic 70 TV series? With years of pre-production, a list of directors in and out, female cast being changed and constant rumors, It finally looks like we will get a Wonder Woman movie in 2017. Comic Con fans will rejoice but you wont have to be a “nerd” to like this one.


Transformers: Fun and complete mid-rot the first two movies are action packed and visually appealing, the next 2 were very forgettable.  Just subtitle the new version “Megan Fox is in it”, the rest of the live action explosions and acting really are not important.

More on Reboots – Remakes to come…..