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Invst Xchange the Reddit For Investors

Invst X the investor generated news exchange

Invest Exchange has started Beta Testing its new Site InvstX. The site is based on Reddit system allowing users to post links, comment and upvote for post.

The company founders are based in Santa Monica’s Silicon Beach, and have been involved in Fintech industry since 1999, or before the term fintech was created.

The Investor Gernerated News

This is a simple concept to post information on Stocks, Politics, Investing and News stories. The site is crisp and minimal and they are building a monitization with advertising, Press Releases and Sponsored Content to enhance the functionality of the site.

It’s is simple yet so much information driven by investor generated content.

Technology Upgrades and Plans

The company are hoping to build further into the Fintech arena and have goals in Equity Crowdfunding and Private Markets Sector.

invst x
invst x

There are great opportunities for new innovation in the Investing World.

InvstX are hoping to get serious backing from investors to help promote and expand the investing news aggregation and content syndication systems. They have contracts that will expand into the social media marketing world and help investors get information that goes beyond the general investing sites simply by containing the content in one easy to navigate system.

Marketing and Development

The company founders have had years of Marketing in Financial and Investing since 2006. They have been working with companies such as Forbes, NASDAQ and more investing channels.