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Ireland Votes Yes To Same Sex Marriage by 2:1 margin

The same-sex marriage referendum was comfortably passed in Ireland making it the first Country to pass the law by Public Majority Vote.

The margin of victory was an amazing a 2:1 majority  for samesex marriage in Ireland

The high turnout favoured Yes campaigners as the efforts to get the vote out worked effectively, particularly among young voters.

Few, if any locations, showed a No vote winning the referendum.

Even in traditionally conservative rural area, the vote is coming in at 50:50.

Dublin voted a strong Yes, and right across the city and country people celebrated a new era for Ireland, and a move away from the Catholic Churches opposition to the referendum.

Ireland A Progressive Country


Ireland has set the proved that it has comeback from under the thump or the Catholic Church and shows just how much the countries attitudes has changed.  This is not the Ireland of the “Quite Man” or the “Devils Own”. Irelands results will help push the same sex marriage debate in USA, Australia, and the rest of Europe.

“This is a Massive Success”

Politicians listened to their people and rejected the Catholic Church influence. The Catholic Church has lost its power since the abuse scandals in a country which divorce was only legalized in the 90s thanks to a Church and State partnership.

Today The Same Sex Marriage Vote Yes is a testament to how much the country has changed.