linked in red light

Linked-in is moving into “Marketing prostitutes” hangout.

Every dog has its day.

If You ARE posting Motivational Quotes on Social Media, like linked in, then your just attention seeking

For those who do not know, is a site that is often referred to in police prostitution stings. It is a place where sex workers advertise their services and build a client base. Craigslist used to have this service too, now most of these ads are in their dating sections. I know this not because I go there, but, because I read the newspapers and there are reports on these stings every few weeks.

Are You a Salesperson or Marketing Prostitute?

Linked-In seems to becoming nothing more than a hangout for “Marketing Prostitutes”. I believe there is a difference between salesmanship and marketing prostitution. There is also a difference between networking and whoring yourself out like is done blatantly online. The Marketing Prostitution online is people hijacking threads, commenting with the idea of following up with “Here is what we charge” and slamming other professionals online.

Stop posting motivation quotes, I don’t need your advice

Here is an example, some “inspirational” post or “motivational” garb that is quickly liked and a commented on. I refer to the overly used Gandhi quotes that proliferate everywhere. A response of “Amen to that”, “something I live by”, is really just a quick way to start a pitch from the poster or the commenters. Within a 3 line thread there comes the “my company specializes in …..”. If I have a job can read and have spent anytime watching anything above spongebob, I sure as heck do not need someone to post these quotes , especially if you actually know about the real Gandhi.

A salesperson used to talk to clients, show or demonstrate the product or discuss services, build a rapport and gain the confidence of the client. This was a skill and something that took years to master. It took knowing the product inside and out, being able to answer all the questions, being loyal to your company as well as your clients and having a integrity. There will always some salesman with no integrity, there is good and bad everywhere, but I believe the majority of salesmen had the best intentions for both their company and their clients.

If you can spend your time marketing on linked in, then you are not busy working

Today, with rapid fire email responses, tweets and facebook posts, the idea of salesperson has changed. You have to know marketing, you have to be on social media in engage these Career networks.

Linked-in could be on its way to an epic collapse as people use it to build networks of unassuming contacts, export email lists of contacts, engage in trolling and bait and switch techniques. This is not Linked-Ins fault, it is a sad fact that these are the realities you see in the groups, the posts and the comments.

There is a difference between networking, solicitation and just bad etiquette.

When I meet people I don’t say “Hi! Here is the cost of my services. Bye!”. Networking is discussion, brainstorming and human relations. On Linked-in, it is astonishing how many C-Level execs will shout down another to get the sale or become embroiled in flame wars. In person, humans just wouldn’t do that. They will point out the mistakes of some commenter and then say “we do it better”.

I have a policy I won’t say anything online that I am not prepared to say in person to an individual, or a company. Many people on social networks jump in and respond in order to share expertize in a particular field, to help other people or to discuss something that is of use. How many of these discussions on-line become pissing matches or open sales thread really amuses me. These competitors would hardly say face to face what they say on line to each other, yet, they spar like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris through bits and bytes.

Professionalism is not Know-it-all-ism

I am a professional, believe it or not,  I am also a person who will say what I mean and mean what I say. I won’t spend my afternoon on linked-in, trying to build a list of connections to spam with my sales deals or limited time offers. I won’t pretend to be something I am not. I work hard for my clients and I would rather have clients that trust me and know that I have their best interests at heart, than to use the unethical practices that are becoming the norm.

If you have something to say to me, say it to my face, don’t hide. I promise I will not hide from you.

Beyond the world of faceless companies, useless terminology and overhyped expectations, there is still a world where honest people do honest jobs. If Linked-in is a last resort for you then maybe your salesmanship or service is lacking, get up to speed on your phone skills and learn that real connections are built with real people.