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Secondary Market Helps Pre-IPO Investors Sell Their Stock

Cash in your Shares Today!

Early stage investors are no longer stuck holding shares in private companies with few options to cash out . The Secondary Market is booming and now investors have options when it comes to selling their shares.

Why Sell Shares ?

An investor who bought shares in a private company 3 years ago may be frustrated with the companies performance, a pivot that tech companies take to stay competitive or simply a personal issuer like medical expenses and need to sell their shares.

Many tech companies choose to keep funding through private deals versus going public leaving shareholders with stock certificates that are harder to valuate and sell openly. Employees with stock options are stuck with many legal and financial hurdles when they try to cash out and get their vested shares on the market.

There are more options available today for the shareholders that can give them the freedom to sell their shares. Secondary Market has a history of dealing with the compliance  issues associated with such transactions.

The Santa Monica based company brings together leasers in the secondary market deal flow to help facilitate these transactions. Backed by blockchain technology and delivering impressive and quick results for the shareholders.

Accredited Investors want your Pre-IPO Shares

Some early investors in Unicorns can now cash out without having to spend time and excess money on Broker Dealer fees.  Many Private Companies like Uber and AirBnB have made it difficult for these early stage investors to sell their shares with so many unfair restrictions.

Secondary Market helps investors that are locked in sell shares to other accredited investors. The process is quite simple for both the shareholder and the investor. The transactions are fast and secure.

Sell Your Unicorn Shares

For Shareholders with vested shares in unicorns Secondary Market delivers a fast effective way that reduces barriers like broker dealer fees, legal and consultation fees that will quickly add up to over 35% of the transactions costs using some companies like NASDAQ’s SharePost.

Secondary Market Strategy

Secondary Market verifies all shareholders and ensure that transaction comply with all SEC guidelines. Secondary Market matches Accredited Investors with Shareholders and gives late comers to investing  the ability to buy highly sought after private shares.





Private Equity Funds Out Preforms Public Markets

94% of the public market trades are institutional trades initiated by banks. These trades have helped to over inflate a public market and the S&P and Dow are not giving an accurate view of real investors activity.

The Public markets volatility makes gives less chance for investors to get real long term returns on their investment that are more likely in the private sector trades. A crash in the public markets will not affect investors in Pre-IPO shares as quickly as a 10-20% plunge in the public markets.

Secondary Market Solutions

For Accredited Investors actively seeking more diversification in their investment portfolio the Secondary Market holds and enticing option. Shareholders in Pre-IPO stock can also hail a victory salute as they have more options with less legal red tape than before.

For Shareholders looking to sell the stock you should see if your shares qualify for sale on the secondary market buy signing up on the Secondary Market